Monday, April 13, 2009

HealthFest 09: Week 3

Week 1: 148.2

Week 3: 148.2

No lie. I'm back to where I started. Kill me. Last week went well, but not well enough. At this rate I'm going to continue to hover between my wedding weight (which was really only 144) and 150. Kill. Me. So. Hard.

Here's the thing - I was happy at my wedding weight. I didn't feel overweight (though according to a BMI calculator, I was).... but then again, I've never seen a bride that didn't look fantastically radiant. So I guess I had that going for me.

For those just joining us, here's me at my wedding a little over 5 months ago:

Photo by Bella Pictures

Right around our 6 month anniversary, I'll do a full on recap of our wedding. I'm not sure if my lovely readers will be into that... but who doesn't love wedding pictures??

OK, back to the weight loss issue. Back to square one. I'm thinking I may need the full on structure of WW. My sister recently lost a BUNCH of lbs with Weight Watchers; she does the Monthly Pass and goes to two meetings a week. If that's what it takes, then I guess that's what it takes. Secretly (not so secretly) I'd really like to just wake up skinny. Not going to happen? I'm not looking forward to dropping more money than weight doing WW, but it really may be my last resort. I'll be damned if I'm not buying something cute to wear out for my 27th birthday.

So, I don't really have any goals for the week except to LOSE WEIGHT. I'll keep you posted. Any tips you have would really be good.

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