Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1st Anniversary Planning

Because when your wedding day is the most significant day in your relationship/ best party ever, why wouldn't you want to do it again? We've still got a few months to go (um, just under 7 months, actually) till our first anniversary, but don't think I didn't call Loews tonight trying to reserve our wedding night room. I actually ended up calling the main Loews phone number and not the one for the specific hotel, and they couldn't see the room numbers for what was open, so on my list of things to do in the near future would be calling our Loews to reserve room 350.... for 7 months from now. Because trust me, if I waited till September, it would be Booked with a capital B (and not by myself). And I really can't think of anything more lame than staying in your wedding night hotel but not in your wedding night room.

Know what else is kinda lame.... signing a contract with a baker that promises a recreation of the top layer of your wedding cake gratis for your first anniversary, and then finding out (5 months later) that said baker may have gone out of business. I say "may have gone out of business" because I really can't tell... I found a TON of bad reviews for this baker starting in January of this year, her website is gone, and I can't find a phone number. I did email her at the address I had on file and will dig up my contract this week to find a phone number. Hopefully I'll hear back from her (really, I don't even care what her deal is as long as she makes my damn cake) and she agrees to do my cake. The back up plan would be to have another baker in the area recreate the top layer of our cake and pay for it, but I would reeeeeeeaally like to avoid doing that.

I'm so into trying to have as many elements of our wedding recreated as possible - I even emailed our florist this afternoon asking if she'd make up a smaller replica of my bridal bouquet for us to use as a centerpiece while we're out to dinner that night. (Good thing my husband is on board with this, because I can see where people might think this is a waste of money. Then again, I did con him into thinking 2 wedding bands for me is a good idea, so it wasn't really a hard sell.)

So at this point in our first anniversary planning, I've (almost) got our wedding night hotel room booked, a replica of our cake (hopefully) to be delivered to our hotel room, and (an email out to) our florist to replicate my bridal bouquet. So essentially, I have nothing. Well, that's a lie. I have one piece of our actual wedding cake in the freezer and a FANTASTIC idea for Ryan's gift. We're always poor and haven't gotten eachother realy birthday or Christmas gifts in the past few years, but we decided that this was a pretty big deal and we wanted to get each other gifts we'd remember... and I know exactly what I'm getting him.

(Photo by Bella Pictures)

Now if only I could convince Ryan to wear a tux and our bridal party* to join us in their tuxes and gowns.....

*I'm just kidding, wedding party people. Unless you think it's a good idea. Then I'm totally not kidding.


Anonymous said...

WOW...another party......sign me up!!!
(just kidding)

"Southern Auntie"

Amy said...

I love how you are planning your anniversary. That is awesome! Maybe if more people worked on their marriage like this, they would last :)

Katie said...

i think it's awesome that you're planning your first anniversary already. ;-)