Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pregnant Bridesmaid: The Dress

I told you I was going to be a pregnant bridesmaid.

Not just pregnant. Very pregnant. 34 weeks pregnant. The kind of pregnant no one wants to be at anyone's wedding because what would you wear?

You'd wear a convertible dress by NataJane, obviously. I placed the order on July 30 and told her I'd love to have it not later than September 15 so that I could practice wrapping it. Well wouldn't you know, it came today.... and I immediately ran upstairs to see if I could figure out how it works.

I didn't even waste any time getting out my good camera, so sorry for the super grainy pics. Here's the dress from the front:

And here's my.... 29 week belly:
The dress is cut with a bit more fabric in the front so that as my belly grows, the hemline doesn't ride up in the front. Oh, and those are the heels I ended up with - the Katie & Kelly Grace Leather Slingback in gold. They have a tiny 2 inch heel and are pretty comfortable.

I'm thrilled about this dress for 2 reasons: it covers my upper arms (which are never good, especially not pregnant) and it allows me to wear a real bra. For a dress with such a low v-neck, you'd expect more boobage to hang out, but I was able to pull it in a way that really covers everything. I'll just get some double stick body tape to tape the dress down and I'll be good to go. And the dress itself? Beautifully made and so comfortable!! NataJane was awesome to work with, answering my many questions and sending out fabric samples so I could make sure the color matched the other girls' dresses and shipped early so I could practice wrapping it. I love Etsy so hard.

Oh, and you can kind of see the pearl necklace I ordered from Etsy... I'm thinking maybe I want a long chain so it hangs an inch or so lower. What do you think?

Just over a month till the wedding... I can't wait!!


Heather said...

This is super cute!!!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

It is perfect. Very flattering and still pretty. I'm so glad that it worked!

Anonymous said...

You are so cute!!!!

Katie said...

hey. I have two I LOVE that I got in JcPenny's I believe, they have a little nursing mom section in their undergarments section. I have black and white. THEN, also from there, I have a pink and black the CUTE ones (that are short, just look like an extended tank top--you know what I mean?? like a little night dress) and I wear them all the time. I have one from target...and its okay. Target's are kind of scandalous, lol. They have a huge hole that your boob hangs through and it just makes me laugh EVERYTIME I put it on ;) But also, I'll be honest, I DO NOT like to wear anything with the nursing-clips hanging out (I think its totally tacky) unless I"m home, I wear another top over that, then lift that one and unclip to nurse. On that note, I have a gray, white and black 'nursing/maternity' cami from Oldnavy (online only) that I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I am wearing one now in fact. They work when pregnant and when not ;) They have non-tacky looking clips on them and they are the best:

hope it helps!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

it looks great! They really did a great job and I love the color and cut!