Friday, July 30, 2010

Pregnant Bridesmaid

In 8 weeks I'll be walking (waddling?) down the aisle as a bridesmaid for my close college friend, E. She picked out beautiful JCrew bridesmaid dresses that everyone ordered back in March... except for me. We didn't know how big I'd get - I'll be 34 weeks for the wedding - or if it would be worth it to order one and have it altered to hell. After talking to one of the very helpful JCrew bridal consultants, I found that altering one of the dresses that much would really ruin how the dress lays and besides that, there wasn't going to be enough room in the boob area in even the biggest size they have.

E told me to just "pick a dress in a fall color", but I wanted to get as close to the JCrew spiced wine shade as possible because.... it's her wedding. Duh! I'm already going to be huge, why throw a complete new color into the mix and draw more attention to myself? After weeks of searching, ordering swatches, and keeping my fingers crossed, I found a super fun dress that I'm really excited to wear!

It's the Coda Wrap Dress, by Etsy artisan NataJane (photo from her shop). The description says it'll fit size 2-14, and NataJane is adding a few inches of fabric to the front so that the hem line falls straight despite my bump. The merlot sample fabric was a veeeery close match for the JCrew spiced wine, and I'll be wearing the dress wrapped like the bottom right hand photo.

Now I'm on the hunt for gold accessories. I'm in love with this necklace:

I think it'll look great with the v-neck of the dress. I'm not sure on the direction I should go for shoes, but I love these and think they'll look great with the dress. I'm thinking maybe do these for the ceremony and pictures, and then have a back up pair of flats for the rest of the day?

I'm really excited for my dress to come in! I was a little hesitant after reading some reviews for other convertible dresses online (not in NataJane's feedback - hers was all GREAT!), but I was running out of options and knew that I wouldn't be able to custom order anything this late. Then I saw these awesome photos on WeddingBee and figured if this group of girls could make a convertible dress work, then I could, too.

How great are these???The girl on the left has hers wrapped the way I'm going to:
Here she is again:

I hoping my dress comes with instructions... how creepy would it be to email Mrs. Pencils to ask for instructions for the blond girl's wrap? Probably just as creepy as it is that I'm stalking her blond bridesmaid. Yikes.


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I'm really glad you found something that works. I don't blame you for not wanting to wear an entirely different color. I'm surprised that you get to pick the shoes...they don't all have to be the same anymore I guess?? Hope you are feeling well.


Princess Koklrabi said...

I'm loving that dress! Sooo pretty and you'll be able to wear it again. Brilliant plan.

I always recommend pregnant bridesmaids to go for fancy shoes for the photos and flatties for afterwards!

Wishing you a fab time and muc happiness with your wonderful new baby.

JoeKelly Sieczkowski said...

How did the dress work out for you? I am considering ordering their bridal version of the dress for my wedding...I'll be 30 weeks. A little nervous about ordering so I'd love any feedback you may have.