Thursday, January 26, 2012

15 months

A drive by post....

I'm sitting on my floor reading emails because I spilled berry-flavored (and colored) TheraFlu on my cream colored couch, and the cover is now in the washer.  In a minute I need to go take a shower and start getting ready for work.  My husband took the baby (toddler) to daycare and I'm here getting a few things done before I head to work for the day/well-into-the-night.

I was sitting here in my quiet house, listening to my fingers tapping the keyboard and the washer swishing away (and hopefully swishing away the berry colored stain on my couch cover), and all of a sudden I was in labor all over again.

Not really, obviously, but sometimes I can distinctly remember what I was doing & exactly how I felt on my daughter's birth day.  Every sip of cranberry juice reminds me of the cranberry juice I drank in the lobby of my medical pavillion (fancy word for doctor's offices where my midwives are located; we went there to be checked before going to the hospital), working through contractions in public and being blissfully aware of my body and absolutely nothing else.  I pressed my back into the wall and leaned forward onto Ryan's chest, supporting myself with my arms around his neck.  I labored in that position for much of the day, though thankfully not in the medical pavillion...

But this morning, sitting on the floor in silence, I remembered what it was like walking around my first floor, working through contractions and not realizing that these contractions were going to get much, much worse.  It was amazing.  I never wrote my birth story here because it's such a precious memory to me and I don't know that I could really do it justice.

15 months ago today I labored at home for 4 hours, at the hospital for 10, pushed for another 4... and delivered my beautiful girl via emergency c-section at 11:54pm.  Best.Day.Ever.

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E @ Oh! Apostrophe said...

You should write it and include every little detail so you don't forget. Mine was the best day ever too :) what a ridiculously cool experience.