Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to WW... again.

I became a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers in August 2011, after losing 20 pounds.  Actually, let me back up... here's a neat little timeline of my weight-loss journey:

September 2009-January 2010:  Doing Weight Watchers @ Work and lost 17 or so pounds.
February 2010:  We found out I was pregnant.  Stopped following WW plan.  OMG I am PREGNANT.  Happy Dance Every Single Day for 38 Weeks.  Also, no morning sickness & loving food & WOW my ankles are getting thick....
October 2010:  I'm up 60 lbs!!  Holy crap.  Some of it is water weight (my ankles weight 10 lbs each), some of it is baby weight, and some of it is the copious amounts of Apple Jacks I ate throughout my 38 weeks (my one true craving).
December 7, 2010:  Go to my first WW meeting at exactly 6 weeks postpartum.  I weigh in at almost 40 lbs DOWN from the day I delivered... I told you it was a lot of water weight!  Yikes.  That also means I ate 20lbs worth of Apple Jacks.
December 2010 - July 2011:  Lost 20 lbs on WW.  Didn't have the energy to work out, so it was just eating... I also nursed for 6 months, so while I did burn extra calories from that, I also needed to take in extra calories to maintain my supply.  It was a slow weight loss, but I don't think I had any weeks where I was + weight.
August 2011:  Became Lifetime Member.  BOOOO YAAAA.  Meetings are free.  Wait, I still have to pay for eTools?  That is crap, WW.  Whateves, I'm too cheap to continue to pay for eTools... I can do this on my own.
September 2011 - December 2011:  Eating-fest.  Back to school, holiday baking, whirlwind NJ tour for the holidays... it was no good.  And the "do it yourself" way of calculating Points+ Values?  HAHAHAHHAH!  Did not exist.  By the number on my home scale, I'm up 5 lbs from my goal weight today.  Not cool, especially since I bought some new jeans in a size I could only DREAM of while I was in college and well... they are tight.  Tight in a "you look like you are wearing a sausage casing" way, not a "damn girl, you fine" way.  Bad news.

January 2012:  Back to WW.  I'm going as soon as the baby wakes up from her nap.  (Note to self - I think a 14 month old is classified under TODDLER not baby.)

Then I came across the 10lb Challenge & shoot, I need to lose weight so why not get paid.


I joined the 10-pound Challenge hosted by Newlyweds on a Budget. Lose 10 pounds in 12 weeks, win $$$. Are you in?


Newlyweds on a Budget said...

yay so glad you joined! at least you have a baby as an excuse. my excuse is i got married! (and that was almost 2 years ago...)

Daisy said...

Wow that is quite the journey! I have not heard of this challenge. I want to join :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Love how WW is changing peoples lives!! Way to go lady!

Nichole said...

I joined this challenge, too! Good Luck. I'm your newest follower; can't wait to read more!