Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Contest

And this is the post where I ask for your help :-)

Our fabulous photographer, Jenni with Forever-Yestetday Photography, is hosting a contest on Facebook to win a free portrait session.  She's done all of our portraits and I would LOVE to win a free session!!

If you could help us win... well shoot, that would be amazing.  Like, absolutely & utterly amazing.

It's really easy.  Just click this link & "like" the picture that comes up (should be my blondie toddler in an aqua hoodie with a HUGE toothy smile).  Then, just "like" Forever-Yesterday's Facebook page.  That's it!

The contest ends on Friday and so far we are in 3rd place.  We are behind the first place photo by almost 30 votes right now..... your vote would be amazing :-)  Thank you so much!!!

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Nichole said...

Done!! Good Luck :)