Thursday, June 23, 2011

Homemade Frapp

More dollars than I care to admit have been spent on Mocha Coconut Frappaccinos at Starbucks this summer. I am thinking about having half my paycheck direct deposited to Starbucks on my way to work (and the other half at the Starbucks in my Target).....

However, the other day on Pinterest (why are you not on Pinterest???) I saw a recipe for homemade frapps that were supposedly a perfect match for the Starbucks ones. I dragged out the ol' blender this past weekend to find out.

It came out perfect on the first try, and now I can keep my direct deposit dollars right where they are. Good thing, because getting direct deposit changed is such a hassle...

Here's the link and below is my take on the recipe - the original makes 36 oz, which is enough to fill 1.5 of these. My version makes enough to fill that Copco cup with just a smidge left over. I also like mine Mocha Coconut flavored :-)

1/2 cup double strength coffee (basically 4 oz boiling water & 1.5 tablespoons of Foldgers instant)
1/2 cup cold milk
A few shakes of Splenda (I get the kind with a gram of fiber per serving)
2 or so tablespoons of Hershey's Light Chocolate Syrup
A splash of coconut extra (imitation, because that's what my grocery store had. It's by the vanilla extracts)
1.5 cups of ice

Throw it all in the blender, pour into cup, be amazed at how it didn't cost $4.85. I make mine right before I leave the house so I can enjoy it on the way to work. It starts to separate (it's still delicious) as it warms, so it's really best to enjoy right away. So for me, that means: get myself ready, make the coffee & throw all ingredients (except ice) into the blender, get the baby ready, get our bags together, throw the ice in the blender, blend (and watch baby's eyes get HUGE as the blender does it's thing), pour in cup, collect baby & bags, and get to the car. I've made one every morning this week :-)


JamieMoore said...

That is awesome!!! Thank you so much! I will be making myself one before class tomorrow for sure. Have a good weekend!

JamieMoore said...
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Anonymous said...

Are you able to invite people to Pintrest?? I have been waiting for ages for an invite!!