Friday, April 1, 2011

Two Lists

It's 10:30pm on Friday night. Things I am doing:

  • Jerking around the interwebs looking at cloth diapers, cute appliqued onesies, and recipes for homemade baby food.

  • Watching the Food Network, my dog snoring on the couch, and my husband sleeping with his feet on the dog's head.

  • Listening toBaby Bear's little kitty-cat noises coming from the nursery.

  • Picking baby puke out of the setting of my engagement ring.

  • Wishing I had hair like Reese Witherspoon in Water For Elephants.

Things I should be doing:

  • Washing & sterilizing bottles.

  • Sleeping???

  • Picking up around the house so that when we come down tomorrow, it's not a huge shit-show.

  • Sleeping???

  • Figuring out what we're going to eat this week so I can make a shopping list for tomorrow.

  • Downloading pictures from my camera to my computer and then uploading pictures to the Kodak Pulse frames we got our parents.

  • Figuring out how to lose the last 3 lbs of pregnancy weight that have been hanging around for a good 3 weeks now.

OK. Collecting my dog & husband and dragging them off to bed. There is much spring cleaning to be done this weekend and I need some sleep.


Anonymous said...

Yes, MiMi is waiting for 5 mo. pix of Baby Bear! xo

Dana said...

i feel like I am never doing what I really should be doing. I just never house is always a mess!