Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Free Time

I have zero free time now, but in the weeks before Baby Girl was born, I had a lot of it.... in which free time = time I should be working but cannot because I was Too Excited For Labor & Delivery To Focus On Work.

I spent most of that free time looking up baby stuff on the internets, and during one random afternoon I landed on the most perfect grandparent Christmas gift ever:

The Kodak Pulse digital frame.

It's a regular digital frame on steroids. You know how with a regular digital frame you have to keep uploading new photos to the memory stick? And how that is basically the most annoying thing ever, so you continue to look at outdated photos because you really just can't be bothered? Or, because the frame was given to you as a gift and you don't know how to keep uploading new pics?

Yeah. The Kodak Pulse has wifi, so it connects to your internet.... and has it's own email address... so photos can be wirelessly emailed directly to the frame. Or, you can just upload them to your account (on the Kodak site) and they automatically get sent to the frame. Genius.

Baby Girl's grandparents live 3 hours from us and they are always dying for new pictures (babies grow fast & I am having a slight panic attack re: this fact). This frame makes it soooooooo easy, it's not even right.

Every few days I transfer pictures from my camera to the computer. Then I can upload whichever photos I want directly to the Kodak Pulse website (through my account, which is linked to the frames) and 10 minutes later the photos show up on the frame. And then new pics of Baby Girl's smiling face are right there, waiting to greet you when you get home.... with no need to turn on the computer.

Best grandparent Christmas gift ever. Hands down.

PS - I wasn't paid/asked/told to write this.... I just love the frame that much. But if you work for Kodak and want to send me one for free, I would love one.

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Anonymous said...

And this 3 hour away "MiMi" absolutely loves to come home from work(ugh)and see that beautiful baby girl in all of her cuteness!!! The BEST gift ever-----except the gift of my beautiful little granddaughter of course. :) oxox