Friday, January 14, 2011



In the last 11.5 weeks, I have lost exactly 50 lbs. FIFTY!!!

Pre-pregnancy, I was the skinniest I have ever been and now I only have 10 more pounds to go till I hit that number again. Granted, most of the pregnancy weight came off rather quickly because I did have an almost 9 lb child, and I was extra swollen with what I assume was a massive quantity of water weight.... but I started doing Weight Watchers 6 weeks ago and have lost 9.6 lbs following the new Points Plus program.

Yep. So I'm hoping that the last 10 pounds fall off just as easily in the next 6 weeks.

That would mean a 60 lb loss in 17 weeks. That's some Biggest Loser weight loss, right there.


Rachel said...

My goodness girl, I am SO PROUD of you! That is AMAZING! You seriously should be so proud of yourself, too! And I'm sure those last few lbs will fall off :) Keep up the good work, pretty lady!

Katie Marie said...

Congratulations! I just started doing Weight Watchers Online- any tips or tricks you learned would be amazinggggg! :)

JamieMoore said...

Well done Katie!! I am at 7 weeks postpartum and I hope to get to the point where you are by 11.5 weeks!

Dana said...

Wow!!! That is awesome!

Alicia said...

Great job! I just joined WW a few weeks ago. I feel like I am eating constantly. Do you also add 14 points to your daily allowance for nursing?

I have been on a blogging break since our LO was born (which was 1 day before yours) but I am getting back in to it.

Congrats on your daughter!