Friday, January 21, 2011

For my spare time.

Because as a (soon to be) working mother, I will have so much spare time.

Anyway, I was putting Baby Girl down for her nap in her Pack n Play and I tucked her in with her Nikki Blanket and she just looked so snuggled in (side note: blankets shouldn't go in cribs... she sleeps with a blanket only in her PnP because it's downstairs and I watch her like a hawk).... and then I thought to myself "I wish I could knit".
Twelve and a half weeks ago, Baby Girl spent a few days in the NICU because I had quite a fever during labor that IV meds didn't help and the doctors were worried there was some sort of infection. Both Baby Girl and & I ended up completely fine, but she spent 3 looooong days in there. All of the NICU babies are wrapped up in blankets donated by women in the community, and my baby ended up with this beautiful handmade blanket:

I am so thankful we were able to bring that blanket home. We had such a good experience in the NICU and that blanket was able to keep her warm even when I couldn't be in the NICU with her. Once we got home, "NICU blanket" got shortened to "Nikki blanket", and I carefully wrapped her in it every single night right up to the day she turned 12 weeks old. That night we moved her to her crib and even though she is still swaddled, I didn't want her to accidentally pull it over her face in the night.
So now the Nikki blanket floats around between her Pack n Play for naps, and the rocking chair for snuggles. I can't wait until she can sleep with it again... I think that it is such a beautiful blanket that has so many beautiful memories attached to it.
And if I could figure out how to knit (and find some free time), I would make lots of blankets to donate to our hospital's NICU. I'm adding that to my "some day" To Do list.


AP Mommy said...

how special! Give crocheting a try. It is easier to pick up than knitting ... or at least I think so :)

Anonymous said...

that blanket is crocheted i will teach you.

Alicia said...

That blanket is beautiful, I love the story behind it.