Thursday, December 9, 2010

6 Weeks Old & WW

Baby Girl turned 6 weeks old on Tuesday! We went for my 6 week postpartum check up and everything looks ok - I was asked what i'd be doing for birth control, and so I asked what I could take while nursing. My OB ran through a very short list, ending with the mini-pill... which is apparently just 1 hormone instead of 2, and is "a bit less effective". Since I can't afford 2 infants in daycare, we'll skip that one... I mean really? Who is saying "Oh well let's go with that - what's the difference if it's a bit less effective?" Yikes.

Yesterday I decided I should get myself to Weight Watchers so that when I go back to work (in 8 weeks ::oh God::) some of my clothes fit the right way because I am soooo not buying more. I went to the WW Center at noon and the meeting was full of weirdos who wanted to compare the old plan with the new plan. FYI - WW changed the plan and now all the points are different. You can't use the old plan any more, so what do we need to talk about? I can't wait to go back to my WW @ Work meetings.... the people there are so much more normal.

At any rate, Baby Girl was a champ and slept through the meeting. I'm hoping to lose a good 5 lbs before we go home for Christmas, but even then, I'm not sure what will fit. Apparently I threw away all of my bigger jeans when I dropped all that weight last winter (you know, in time to get knocked up and put on 60 lbs) and my closet is full of size 4 jeans that get up my thighs but aren't even close to buttoning. I really only have 15lbs to lose... fingers crossed that my pants eventually fit again!

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