Friday, December 3, 2010

Baby Books & Stuff

Here's the thing about baby books... you want to record the memories, and yet you can't without crying.

Or is that just me?

The book is asking me to write down the "biggest surprise" from the first week home with Baby Girl. Can I write that the biggest surprise was how much I actually loved her? I mean, I knew I would love her, but jeeze... or how much more I loved my husband? Because I really did love him before, but that first week home with our girl? I thought my heart was going to explode.

And now there are tears all over my keyboard.

I feel like I should wear goggles when I write in the baby book... to keep the tears away from the paper, ya know?

Also, she sleeps through the night! At 3 weeks 6 days old, she gifted us with 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep (midnight to 6am) and she's been doing it ever since... sometimes up to 8 hours, but always at least 6. That's "through the night" in my book! (Literally - I wrote that in the baby book.)

We're getting our Christmas tree this weekend and I am so excited. Know what is awesome about maternity leave (besides the obvious)? Being home to accept packages from UPS and FedEx. This means all of my Christmas shopping is D-O-N-E. And it's only December 3. So great... and I didn't have to step foot in a mall. Well, except on Black Friday, but that's a tradition and I love it. Also? Last year my mom & I went Black Friday shopping at midnight (our mall opens then) and it was a zoo. It was fun but it was an experience, for sure. This year, we ment to go out at midnight but Baby Girl was fussy and we made the decision to go out when we woke up. We left the house at 9 and shopped until about 3pm... and got all of the same deals that the idiots at 1am did. I mean, we weren't out to buy any fancy electronics, but the Gymboree and Bath & Body Works deals we wanted were an all day thing. And now we know we don't have to go at midnight..... yey.

I called our daycare today to set up Baby Girl's first day, which will be February 2. I didn't cry while I was on the phone. I may have cried 5 minutes later. I don't know why - I like our day care, I like the fact that she will learn social skills early, and I know she will be well cared for. It's still sad.... especially since instead of being with her, I'll be at work. I can't think of anything more horrible.

I was adamant about not putting my 8 week old infant in a dress for Christmas. Gymboree is the devil (also known as I have a dress for Christmas Eve and another for Christmas Day and Ilove them). Pictures to come.

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