Friday, December 10, 2010

6 Week Update

This picture was taken on October 27, when Baby Girl was less than 24 hours old: And here she is just one day shy of 6 weeks on December 6:
She has the most munchable cheeks! It seems like so long ago that we brought her home from the hospital... but I still remember being in the hospital like it was last week. I ended up with a fever twice while pushing, so after the c-section, we both ended up with IVs of antibiotics. Baby Girl had to spend a few days in the NICU to be monitored - that's why she's wearing the split in the first picture; it's an IV - but she was discharged with a clean bill of health on October 29 and spent that night in the room with us before we went home on the 30th.
I was going to try to write down our daily schedule, but it is so different every day. I mean, she'll generally want to eat every 3 hours, and takes naps throughout the day, but we're not on a schedule and every day is different.
While she's sleeping, I get laundry and dishes done.... and I take a shower. Every single day. I feel like I read online that people were having a hard time getting a shower every day... I'm not sure why, because I just wait until she's asleep and then get it - it's not hard, considering she sleeps a lot of the day.
She hates tummy time - hates. She'll lift her head up once and then cry. It's funny because she really does have good neck control - I think she just hates laying on her belly.
The dog keeps trying to sneak in licks, but we keep foiling her plans. I know she desperately wants to lick the baby's head and it's kind of funny to see how sneaky she is. Marley will come and sit next to us all nonchalantly and then slowing lay her head on our lap... and then move just enough to get into prime licking position... and then she'll act like she's just going to sniff the baby's head... and then whoever is holding the baby pulls her out of the way just as the very tip of Marley's tongue comes out. It's comical to watch.
Baby Girl LOVES her baths! We do one every other day and she just loves to lay in the water. She hasn't cried at all in the tub and loves to watch Ryan while he soaps her up. It's so cute and there are many video clips of bath time that I'm sure she'll resent when she's a teenager. Oh well!


Amanda said...

She's so adorable!!! Cant wait to see her on Christmas!! <3

Claire said...

I need that pic of her with the seahorse for my wallpaper on my computer! Can you email it to me if you remember? Can't wait to see the little princess this afternoon :-)