Friday, December 17, 2010

Baby's First Christmas

Know what is more awesome than getting presents at Christmas?

Picking out presents for your (7 week old and will have no recollection of this) baby and writing "Santa" on the tags in different handwriting so it looks like said presents did not come from you and did indeed come from a fat man who broke into your house in the middle of the night. It is totally awesome and I can't wait to open up presents with her!!!

My favorite gift is the Land's End tote, monogrammed with her initials. Every southern girl needs one, and seeing as I have 3, I figure it's never too early to have one. It'll come in handy when we make weekend trips to see the grandparents and she needs too much stuff for just a diaper bag!

Not her initials, but we did get it in gold.

While I do love the tote (and I love seeing her initials on it), I'm guessing her favorite gift is going to be the activity mat.

We went with the Tiny Love Super Deluxe Gymini because it has extra holes in the arches to add toys. Lots of reviews on other activity mats mentioned how nice it would be to be able to move the hanging toys or add some to change it up, so I found one that had that feature. Yey for research.

And yey for personalized books... I got this one and I'm in love with it. Santa is also bringing some Baby Einstein cd's for the car. I am so excited for Christmas!!!

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T said...

Lol, love this, I totally do that with my husband! I buy presents for him and things that are for both us like ornaments and use secret wrapping paper and disguise my handwriting! It makes it more fun and magical!