Saturday, August 28, 2010

30 Weeks

I hit 30 weeks yesterday... which now means less than 10 weeks till Baby Girl is an outside baby! Crazy town. As promised, here's what my belly (and second chin) looks like these days:
And yes, that is my most favorite t-shirt ever. Oh, and I got a hair cut. I did that a few weeks ago (mid-July) in a fit of being too hot, after growing out my hair since I got engaged.

So to be clear on how much of a Big Deal that haircut was, here's a timeline for you: I got engaged September 2007, started growing my hair out for the wedding (November 2008), let it get super long (for me, anyway), and then all of a sudden I got sick of blow drying it in the heat and my neck was always sweaty and I went to the salon and had her just cut it all off. Three days later I was really, really sad about it.... but I am way less sweaty in the neck region now, which I do appreciate. And it looks better because 10 minutes blow drying this cut includes styling time... 10 minutes blow drying my long hair included an elastic ponytail holder.

Enough about my hair.

What's new at 30 weeks? The addition of the body pillow in bed means awesome sleep for me. At my last midwife appointment, I was told I needed to start taking iron pills because I'm apparently anemic. I have no idea if this is a pregnancy induced thing or what. I've donated blood in the past and it was fine, except for once in high school and once in grad school when I was told my iron was too low. But in between those 2 episodes, I donated a bunch of times. And I've had lots of blood work done for this pregnancy... so I have no idea. Maybe I'm right on the cusp of too low/normal. At any rate, I need to start taking iron pills, but I'm a little afraid because they totally screw up your poop (or so I've been told). I'll report back.

OH! AND! I had a surprise shower! Last weekend I thought Ryan and I were going over to our friend's house for dinner but when we got there, we found all of our Maryland friends, a ton of food, and a table full of gifts! Ryan knew about it the whole time, but I was so surprised... and now I'm so sad we don't have any pictures. It was amazing and we got lots of fun things for Baby Girl, including the littlest gold Mary Janes. We had such a good time!

And now just for fun, let's compare my 20 week bump - which I remember thinking was HUGE - to my 30 week bump - which is huge.

20 weeks
30 weeks
What do we think a 40 week bump is going to look like? I guess we'll find out!


Dana said...

you look great!

the low iron is most likely due to the pregnancy...I also had to start taking an iron pill and my doctor said that it is really common in pregnancy...should go back to normal after little one arrives!

Bre said...

Your bump is adorable and I too am sad that we have no pictures. Since I currently am operating with a broken camera, I had no idea how to get Ryan to get your camera out of the house without suspecting something.... I did think about it however...

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I'm surprised you aren't already on a prenatal vitamin with iron. Funny thing, I just started taking prenatal vitamins because I was told at my physical last week that I was anemic and low in vitamin D...the prenatals have both.

I think you just look cuter all the time. Your face isn't full at are going to bounce back to normal skinny self sooner than you think!

Alicia said...

Looking great and healthy! Good luck with iron pills hope they don't cause you too much trouble, they don't agree with me too much.