Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My bump, dressed.

Our + test happened on February 22, but the line was so faint that we weren't really sure... so I sprung for a digital test and saw pregnant on February 23. That morning I took a quick picture of my belly in all of it's 3 week pregnant glory:

And here it is exactly 12 weeks later, when I hit the 14 week mark:
Crazy, right?! I still can't get my head around the fact that it's going to actually get bigger...

I got my positive super early, at just about 3 weeks, so I was able to just go about my business getting dressed for a while. Around week 7 I started to get bloated, but I was able to stick it out with the Bella Band up to the start of week 10... that's when stuff started to get seriously uncomfortable, and coincientally, when I bought my first pair of maternity pants.

And Friday (at exactly 14 weeks) I bought my first pair of maternity jeans.... and they are glorious. All of my regular shirts and dresses still fit, so I've been doing well with only 3 pairs of pants and the rest of the stuff in my closest. My birthday is coming up though, and I'm hoping for some gift cards to help me get through the next 6 months :-)

But in case you're in the market for some maternity pants, these are the ones I have and totally love:

From Motherhood Maternity... I usually wear them with the belly thing folded down (like a built in Bella Band). They are cute with my Croc flats and a "dressy" tee-shirt from LOFT.
From Old Navy, and they look so heinous both on the rack and in the photo... but I swear they are so comfortable and super cute when rolled up (like the right leg in the pic).

And these jeans are from GAP... and they are my favorite, ever. The belly panel is so comfortable and really makes my bump look like a bump (as opposed to like I've been eating too many Pop-Tarts).

When I was first starting to look for maternity pants, I figured I'd get the ones with the regular looking waist band... well, when your bump is still little (again, I know it's going to get bigger, but I still can't get my head around it) and you wear the under-belly waist pants, you just look fat. Or maybe it's just me that looks fat in those pants. Either way, it's no good, and kind of uncomfortable... and I can be uncomfortable in the pants I already own (for free). But the full belly panel is totally where it's at... honestly, they are so comfortable. The only exception I've found to that is the roll-up pants from Old Navy. Those fit like pajama pants, which I am all about.

So that's that - my bump, dressed at 14 weeks. If I have any more good finds, I'll be sure to share. I always love reading about everyone else's tried and true stuff, and figured I might as well return the favor!


Heather said...

Your bump looks great!!! I am about 2 weeks behind you and my bump is tiny. Hope to 'pop' like you by 14w.

When is your due date? Mine is 11-23.

AP Mommy said...

Lovin' the bump! If you're still in the need for another inexpensive pair - Duo sold at JCPenny's are inexpensive and great - I wore those my entire pregnancy and loved them!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...


I didn't want to wear maternity clothes. I wore my own, then I bought a size larger...I finally bought maternity things at 5 months. They are cuter now.