Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random Happiness

Even though my wedding was well over a year ago, I still love to read WeddingBee and generally click through a few times a day to see what everyone is up to. Yesterday morning there was a post from someone trying to book their honeymoon asking about the Secrets Capri Resort & Spa in the Riveria Maya, and since we honeymooned there and had a fabulous time, I decided to log in and post a response.

I hardly ever log in any more, so I was pretty surprised when I had a private message. It was from a bride who saw my wedding photos and loved the flower I wore in my hair. She wanted to know if she could buy it, or at least know where I had purchased it so that she could look for something similar.

I am too sentimental to let that flower go, so I sent her the site so she could purchase one herself. But her message made me so happy... and that was the motivation I needed to finally get my butt in gear to finish up my professional wedding album. I just have to send in my edits on the proof they sent - and really, all I need to do is make sure there's at least one picture of every family member in there and change the photo on the front cover. That's it! I have no idea why it's taken so long.... well, I do. It's because I'm lazy. But I'd really love to get my album before I deliver this child, so it needs to be done by this weekend. That's my self-imposed deadline. This Saturday. I'll let you know how it goes.