Friday, March 5, 2010

Productive Phone Call

Remember when I asked a simple question that will end up saving me over $1,000 in rent this year? Well, this time a 20 minute phone called will end up saving me an additional $480 this year. How hot is that?

We've been looking at our budget and trying to see where we could cut some cost and throw a little bit more in savings each month. Even a few dollars here and there adds up over time, so I was just looking to trim a bit from anything I could. One of our monthly bills that really stuck out was our car insurance - we've had Progressive for just about 5 years now, and while we love our service, I do not love the price. So I looked around and found out that with Geico, I could have the exact same coverage for $50 less. That at least warrents a phone call to Progressive, no?

So this morning I gave them a call, let them know that I didn't want to switch because I'd have to build up a new history with them (whereas once you hit 5 years at progressive, they have major accident forgiveness), BUT I found a way cheaper rate through Geico and did they want to do something about that?

Well fancy for me, they were able to give me a few new discounts (state employee, paperless something or other) and get my rate down by $40 a month!!! Sure, Geico is still cheaper by $10, but staying with Progressive (and thus keeping my history with them) is going to pay out in the long run in the event of a major accident. And now I can tuck away $40 extra a month into our savings account.... just because I spent 20 minutes on the phone this morning.

Anyone else have any tips on lowering bills? I'd love to hear them!


mrs.messi said...

That's great. I've gotten our cable bill (back when we had TV!) lowered twice, just by calling and saying that I felt we were paying too much. As soon as you tell them you are considering switching to another provider - BOOM, they lower your rate!

Jo said...

That's awesome! If you have high speed internet you can always check to see what speed you have - often you can go to a slower speed that costs less.

Our Happy Married Life... said...

ya that is always a good idea. I'm an insurance agent and while I try to keep everyone's rates low, it helps when people call and then i re run things to see if I can get it cheaper. Awesome! Seems like calling the utilities and threatening to leave always helps too! :)