Friday, January 29, 2010

A mixed bag.

Friday thoughts:

LOST comes back in 4 days. We watched the final episode from last season the other day, and I totally forgot how much I love that show. Can't wait for it to come back.

Teen Mom post-season show with Dr. Drew on Tuesday night. Am I the only one excited to see this?

iTouch: Please come to my house + be my friend. I heart you.

I am so sick of the winter. It's freezing cold, everything is all static-y, and I hate having to be bundled up in thick clothes. Spring, please.

Dinner at Pazo last night was amazing. I am now on a mission to gather up our friends to have a tapas + cocktail night at one of Pazo's lounge areas. There's a few big tables with couches on all 4 sides for lounging, eating, drinking, and general grown-up hanging out. It looks fabulous. Just like the food.

If you have red nail polish on and you chip it, you can totally fix it with a red Sharpie. I did, and it looks less whore-ish than leaving it chipped.

In 12 weeks of WW, I have dropped 2 full pant sizes. WW is expensive in that it costs money to do the program, and it costs money to buy pants that do not hang off my ass. It is also expensive in that once you see what size pants you now wear, you buy them in bulk because seeing a "4" stamped on the inside of said pants is the highlight of your day.

Happy Friday!

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Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Well, how does one follow such a comment?

Congrats on the WW success. I've been doing it 2 weeks, not nearly as successful as in the past. Old metabolism has caught up with me and I can see that it will be much slower than it was the last time I did it a decade ago. I just want one pant size (the one hanging in my closet) so, hopefully...I'll get there sooner or later:)