Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baltimore Restaurant Week

I love Restaurant Week because we go places we normally wouldn't, due to either cost or type of food. This go 'round we chose Pazo in the Inner Harbor, which is fairly pricey and has some exotic looking items on the menu.

Tonight, we're set for a prix-fixe $70 Dinner for Two menu that includes the following:
First Course (all items included)

Butternut Squash Soup - Goat's cheese mousse and pepitas

Pugliese - Rustic bread of purgatory

Arbequina Olives - Marinated with orange zest

Arugula Salad - With Clementines and sherry vinaigrette

Empanadas - Spiced veal and pork in pastry, salsa verde

Seared Scallops a la Plancha - Romesco and mint

Sauteed Cauliflower - Walnut vinaigrette and Manchego

Montadito of Braised Pork Shoulder - Smoked paprika

Second Course (choice of one)

Wood Grilled Strip Steak Tapa with Aromatic peppercorn sauce

Wood Grilled Salmon Tapa with Avocado salsa verde

Malloreddus alla Norma - House made pasta with eggplant, tomato, garlic and pecorino

Third Course (choice of one )

Pazo Chocolate Cupcakes with White chocolate mousse and salted caramel

Crema Catalana with Traditional custard scented with lemon and cinnamon


Does that not look amazing? I'm trying to decide between the steak and the salmon... and I'm for sure doing the chocolate cupcakes. I also pulled up the cocktail menu to check it out, and the Gingerbread Martini caught my eye (right hand side). Yum! Ryan and I hardly ever go out for fancy dinner dates (unless you count Chipotle; then we go a lot), so I'm super excited to dress up and enjoy the evening. Post dinner, we're heading to the Baltimore Comedy Factory with a bunch of friends from work, so it should be a great night.

Too bad there's work tomorrow.... otherwise, it's be perfect!


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Lyr said...

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