Sunday, January 24, 2010

Menu Monday: a day early

It's a busy one, folks, so here we go:

Monday: School is back in session, and I'm staying late to teach the kiddies CPR & first aid. As such, I'll be bringing a Boca chicken patty and some yogurt. I believe Ryan is also at work late for a meeting, so he's taking a sandwich.

Tuesday: Salad with craisins, blue cheese crumbles, and balsamic dressing. Served with tomato basil soup.

Wednesday: I'm at Job #2, and Ryan's on his own. Pasta, maybe?

Thursday: Date night. It's Baltimore's Restaurant Week and we've got reservations at Pazo. After that, we're heading over to the Baltimore Comedy Factory - someone at work won a free office party, so we've got free tickets. Yey for cheap dates!

Friday: Woooo hoooo, we're home together at the same time! I'm making homemade burrito bowls with this shredded chicken and this cilantro rice. Yum. This will be accomplanied by a HUGE glass of wine. My new favorite is Robertson Winery Gewurztraminer. It's a sweet, fruity white that I bought after a tasting at our local liquor store. Delicious.

Saturday: I'm working till noon at Job #2, and then home. Maybe we'll go shopping that afternoon for something....

Sunday: The downside to the kiddies being back in school means I'm at my real job on the weekends a lot more. Work from 5pm till maybe 9 or 10pm..... Ryan's on his own again, and I'm taking a damn Boca chicken patty and salad.


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

You eat way too many Boca chicken patties. I'm glad you are giving up one of these jobs so you can eat real food!


Kate said...

@Sue - Haha, I would say we'll continue to have Boca chicken patties at least once a week for dinner, and I usually take them 2x a week for lunch. They're delicious and healthy (made of tofu!), so I don't see why I'd stop making them!

Blair said...

Burrito bowls are an excellent idea! I'm totally stealing it for Nate.