Thursday, October 22, 2009

For all the vaguely important things I do.

I'm too poor to buy an iTouch (even though I want one - I heart apps) but I'm obsessive about keeping a calendar and lists and all important details in one place. To accomplish this, I have a big "At-A-Glance" desktop calendar and each page is covered in Post-Its full of lists.

Well, not for 2010, folks. Enter the Mom Agenda (for non-moms, the MyAgenda)"
It comes in super fun colors (I got the sparkley brown one on the left):
And has a million spaces to write down EVRYTHING. No more sticky notes!!

all photos from here

It's really an all in one for those who need to write down everything... there's a monthly view, weekly views, and space in the back for lots of lists (favorite wines, restaurant numbers, clothing sizes for your husband, etc) so you can keep everything close at hand.
I just got mine and I love it so much! At $35 each (plus $4 for monogramming, which you know I did), they aren't cheap, but if you sign up on the website to receive the newsletters, they'll send you a coupon code for 10% off your order. Or, if you want a desktop verison (I got the original MyAgenda), those are on sale now for 25% off.
Best. Purchase. Ever.


Justine said...

I just might have to get one of those!!!

Thanks for sharing!! :)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Love it, want it and I'm going to go check it out. I'm glad they have a version for those of us that no longer have the day to day "kid stuff". Thanks.


Steph said...

that is a lot of money for a planner. hope you use it for more than a week.

Maggie Whitley said...

organization = amazing! :)