Monday, October 26, 2009

Because everyone loves a bargin

Last weekend I cleaned out my closet and was more than embarrassed to find some dresses with tags still attached. Lucky for you, I put them on eBay with great prices.

This is an Ann Taylor LOFT sundress, perfect for anyone going on vacation this winter/spring. It's a black, size medium, empire waisted, cotton sundress with sweet ruffles at the bottom. It starts at $19.50, and did I mention it's new with tags?

The other dress is a Jones New York party dress, size 10, also new with tags. It's black with a band of ivory at the hem and (empire) waist.

I also have a black belt that I am just not cool enough to pull off. New... with tags. The leather part is 2 inches wide and the buckle is about 3 inches; it's a great belt, but I'm just not cool enough. Sadness.

I had some other stuff up and it sold, so I'm pretty thrilled about that! About $100 woth of stuff, all of which went into our savings account (I'm quite proud to say). Wanna help me pad my savings account a little more? You get a great new with tag item, and I get to clean out my closet and bump up my savings account. Sounds like a win-win to me :-)

It's Monday.... how long till Friday again?

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Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Good luck! Hope you sell it all!