Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hi Guys.... sorry I've been MIA for the past few days. It would appear that life finally caught up with me.

This past weekend, my little wedding planning business had a wedding - it was everything we (myself, my co-owner, and the bride) hoped it would be. More, even. We made contacts, thrilled the bride and groom, and made the parents of the bride so happy.

Otherwise, it's been Job #1 followed by Job #2... back and forth, back and forth. I'm actually starting to have a little bit of an issue with Job $2. It's not the folding of the clothes or the cleaning up of the disaster that is a fitting room at the end of the night - it's actually the amount of money being spent on clothes. Now, I don't spend more that what my weekly check is from Job #2, so the argument could be made that I'm being paid in clothing. This would be accurate. And I do need new clothes, as my wardrobe hasn't fluctuated since 3 years ago when I got my first real job and a closet full of new clothes from Kohls.

The issue with the Kohls clothes was not that they were from Kohls, but that they were purchased to fit me when I started the job. I started my job after 2 months of not having a job, and, to fill my time, 2 solid months of working out daily for about an hour at a clip. I was skinny. Skinny enough to fit into my high school jeans. It was awesome. But then, settled in to the comfort of my new job, my new friends, and my newfound appreciation for being a two-income family, I started to gain weight. By the next fall, I was up 15 pounds. The winter that I got engaged, I was up 20 pounds. I managed to take off all 20 pounds for the wedding (almost a year ago! and I've only put on 5 since then!), but let's face it - I wasn't buying clothes when I was heavier, because I knew I'd get skinny again.... and I wasn't buying clothes when I was losing weight, because all of my money was going towards the wedding.

So when I started at the mall job, I went through my closet and pulled out everything I hadn't worn in ages (ie since I started working). I had literally 7 items left when I was done purging.

Whew. So it's not that I don't need clothes (much less clothes at a 50% discount!), it's that I could also use the extra cash to pad our savings account. So now do I continue to work at the mall and build my wardrobe, or do I just quit Job #2 altogether?

What would you do? (as a side note, the money would be going into savings, not to pay bills. we have those all covered through our full-time jobs)


Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

Why don't you split 50/50? 50% of job #2's paycheck goes to savings and 50% of it you can spend? I think that sometimes when I'm working extra jobs, the money ends up not feeling like it's worth it if I can't let up a little and spend some of the "extra" money coming in. Plus, if you need clothes, it's not going to get much better than 50% off! Do you work at the Loft?

Jacky said...

Glad your wedding stuff went well! Hope
you got to enjoy the feeling of "a job well done".

I totally understand your conundrum! I'm not currently working outside the home, but I've been considering applying at Bath & Body Works. But I know I'd spend a lot of my paycheck there, because I LOVE B&BB! I agree with Mrs.LifeAccounts--decide to spend some and then save a certain amount, and stick to it! Of course, I should be saying this to myself...I'm really bad at saving. =(

Steph said...

I think 50/50 is a good idea, although I feel like at some point you won't need that many more clothes so then you could put 75% or 100% towards savings.

Justine said...

Hey! I think you already left me your info for the ornament exchange, but there were so many Katie's I got a few of you mixed up! Could you email it to me again, please?!?! Thanks so much!!! :)

Molly said...

Let me start by saying that conundrum is one of my fav words. :)
Hard decision. I babysit a couple days a week for a friends baby. I get paid in cash and it is so tempting to spend it. I am now putting it straight into the bank and really trying to save the majority of it. That said, don't run around in your skizzies. Get yourself some clothes if you need them! :)
Lastly, (wow this is long) I am curious what store gives you a 50% discount. I may seriously want a holiday job!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

The 50/50 split is a great idea. Pay your savings first and then spend the rest if you want to.