Thursday, September 17, 2009

eBay "deals"

Today I sold a Hollister zip-up hoodie on Ebay. It was new with tags.... New. With Tags. And it was Hollister.

This means, folks, that I bought a Hollister shirt and never wore it. Can I tell you when the last time I was in Hollister was? Probably 2002. So this thing has been sitting in my closet for all these years (and survived like 4 different moves) with the tags attached, waiting to be worn. The tag says it cost me $40. Today, it sold for $19.99.


My husband wanted me to list this item. I originally had it listed at $75, and just lowered it... so if you know anyone who might want to buy the original X-Men action figures new in box, please, please tell them to bid on it. I don't want it sitting in my living room any more.


Someone's Mom said...

I think if you got $19.99, you did well. A couple of weeks ago I listed a group of 5 Abercrombie sweaters/knits that my son had worn a couple times. They didn't have tags, but they were like new and about 3 years old. I couldn't get a bid on them. I was asking $10 for all 5. I took them to an upscale resale shop and they said they would only take things purchased this year. So, I gave them away.

Molly said...

At least you sold it! Good for you getting rid of stuff!