Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Yesterday was awesome:

The other guy's insurance company called {background post} yesterday afternoon... and they are covering all repairs to our car!! Ryan called me with the news and I literally cried, I was so happy. That $475 is staying safely in our savings account. Thank you to everyone who thought happy thoughts for us last Friday!! And, just like Katie said (last comment), I'm really glad the moral of this one isn't to allow into a collision just to prove it wasn't your fault. Yey for everything working out, and yey for the guy (who caused the accident) manning up and working with his insurance agent to get us covered. Thank You!!


Marley went to the vet for her annual appointment. I successfully caught pee and poop in little containers (my vet does a urinalysis and fecal test every year starting at age 5). Marley was great during the appointment and everything looks good! She's 5, which is squarely middle-age, but still acts like a teenage pup. We'll hear back tomorrow on the pee/poop tests, but I'm expecting they're fine. My vet actually recommended pet insurance, saying that she's very healthy and it would be best to get insurance now before she actually needs it. Does anyone currently have pet insurance? My vet recommended VPI... anyone have any experience with this? Any and all thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


I re-read I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell by Tucker Max. It was just as intense as I remembered. If you have a twisted sense of humor and don't get easily offended, you must read it. If not.... pretend I didn't mention it. Seriously. But if you do read it, then you'll have to see the movie, coming out in October. I can't wait. This is only because I don't take myself too seriously.


I'm going to take part in the Blue Eyed Bride's Weight Watcher Wednesday thing. If you're in weight loss mode, even if you're not doing WW, it would be fun to link to each others blogs for some motivation. What do you think? Interested? Leave me a comment and let me know.


Have you entered my giveaway? No? Click here, silly! Do it now so you don't miss out!


I want to discuss the season finale of True Blood, but I will refrain seeing as my sister is catching up and we're going to watch Season 2 together sometime soon.... but I will say there wasn't nearly enough naked Eric for my taste. To compensate:

That's all for today, folks.... don't forget to tell me about your pet insurance and whether or not you'd be into doing WW Wednesdays with me (you know, for moral support). Happy Tuesday, loves!


Elizabeth said...

Glad everything worked out Katie with the car!

I've only watched episode 1 of season 2 so far, but i'll get around to the others soon enough (i'm also about to finish the book series thus far, which has a lot of Eric in it and is fantastic)
That picture is awesome, though I'm afraid I've read that its not his body, but a photoshop job of Alex Skarsgard's face on someone's awesome torso. Still, it's great for the imagination :)

A Bride...Again said...

LOVE the pic of Eric! We're big TB fans...stayed up late to watch Sunday night's episode. Love it, Love it, Love it.

Was that episode the finale? I'm so sad...

Someone's Mom said...

Fun picture! Glad about the car. As for pet insurance, we've never had it. We now have a 13-year-old dog, who has had some serious medical issues since May. We've been at the vet several times, had surgery, shots, pills, biopsies...you get the picture. I will certainly be looking into insurance for the next pup (and there will be a next one). So far, we are keeping our dog happy and sort of healthy, but at great expense.


Allison said...

Do you like your vet? I need to find one for Addie...

Made a hair appt. with Christa for Friday! I'm chopping it all off!

Anonymous said...

I have VPI pet insurance and have always been quite pleased, of course Lola's had no conditions (thank goodness) to warrant any real use besides daily vet matters and a few skin issues.

Claire said...

Question: Why would you waste valuable time re-reading Tucker Max when you have new books in your house that are waiting to be read?


Molly said...

So glad the car ins came through! What a blessing!

I have never seen True Blood, but a girl can sure appreciate the half nakedness of that hottie!

Grace Matthews said...

Not sure about Pet Insurance. I could lose some weight though. I guess if I lose enough I'll have to chage my blog :)

Anonymous said...

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