Monday, August 31, 2009

Back2School: {Gussy has a lot to sew}

Happy Monday and welcome back to the Back2School Giveaway Extravaganza!I'm super excited about this giveaway, so let's get right to it.

Remember these little clips of fabric? They all belong to a Gussy original! What is a Gussy original? It's handmade vintage-inspired wallets & clutches with flair, of course :-)

Way back before we went on our MidWest Road Trip ::I still owe you St. Louis; I swear it's coming:: I was searching around on Etsy (obviously) for a cute clutch that didn't break the bank. Gussy's shop came up in my search, I fell in love the girlie ruffles, and I knew I needed a Gussy clutch for vacation. Thing was, it was a Friday, and I needed the clutch by Tuesday at the latest, cause we were leaving super early on Wednesday morning. I emailed Maggie {aka Gussy} to see if it would be possible to get it out to me ASAP, and she emailed me back almost immediately to let me know that I could go ahead and purchase the clutch and she'd get it in the mail that day. She's such a doll!

Sure enough, my clutch arrived on Monday! I can't even tell you ho much I love my Gussy clutch - it's super roomy, so adorable, and very well made. You can tell Maggie really puts her heart into all of her work. You can also tell that I love my Gussy bag, as it makes numerous appearances in my vacation pictures:

When I got back from vaction, I started reading Maggie's blog and looking at all of the other ruffled goodness she has in her shop. And because I love my Gussy clutch so much, I decided to email her to see if she'd be interested in doing a giveaway on my blog.

Lucky you, she said yes! Check out some of her work:

Maggie aka Gussy has generously agreed to donate a $20 gift certificate to her shop! This gift certificate can be used towards any item in stock in her shop; the only thing it can't be used for is shipping. So how do you win? Easy peasy:
  • For one entry: Leave me a comment below telling me your favorite thing about the back to school season.
  • For a second entry: Become a follower (and let me know!)
  • For a third entry: Follow me on twitter @Hagen23 (and let me know so I can follow you!) and TWEET about this giveaway!
  • For a fouth entry: Post this giveaway on your blog (leave me the link, of course).

You can leave all of your entries in one comment; I'm going to create an Excel sheet like I did last time so you don't need to worry about leaving 4 seperate comments. Just be sure to tell me all of the ways you are entering (blog follower, blog post, Twitter follower, fav. thing about back to school season!) so I can get an accurate count.

Want that $20 gift certificate to Gussy's shop? What are you waiting for?! The contest ends on September 8 at noon (EST), so be sure to enter before then! Good luck!


Grace Matthews said...

My favorite thing about back to school is the newness of everything. All the kids get new supplies, clothes, and sneakers. The schools smell fresh and clean. Everything is shiny and everyone is in a good mood.

I am a follower, I am a Twitter @FatChicksRSexy and I posted on my blog

La Nouvelle Femme said...

Those clutches are gorgeous!

My favorite thing about back to school is the school fresh fall weather! If only it lasted a little longer...

I'm also a follower!

Molly said...

I LOVE those clutches. How adorable!

My favorite part of back to school is that the playground is empty when I take Cooper. I know that is mean, but I will appreciate the actually back to school stuff in about 4 years. :)

I am a follower!

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...


My favorite thing is when it's back to school it means that Fall is coming and I love fall weather.

I'm already a follower on here and your twitter!

Amanda said...

My favorite thing actually equals the poster above: Fall is almost here!! Actually with the outside temp. sitting at 75 in north Texas today, it kind of feels like it now!

Anyway, I am already a follower, and I put it on my blog ( )

Those bags are super cute!

Claire said...

My favorite thing about the back-to-school season is (obviously) new knee high boots, skinny jeans and sweet military inspired pea coats! Also, not sweating.

I already am a follower.

I tweeted about your giveaway (to Perez Hilton and Ryan Sheckler)!

And so sorry about deleting my comments and messing your page up...I didn't read all the way through to se it was supposed to be only 1 comment. My bad.

Steph said...

My favorite thing about back to school season is seeing school buses and not having to be on them :)

I am a follower of this blog!

I also follow you on twitter and did posted a RT about your giveaway.

Katie said...

my faorite thing about the back to school season is Chai Lattes! (and sweaters) (and bonfires) (and new notebooks)
Also i'm a faithful follower on your blog and twitter, and have RTed this contest. thanks!

Caitlin said...

My favorite thing about the back to school season in apple cider and fresh, crisp apples [I'm a Michigan girl through and through].

I'm now following your blog and Twitter [@caiters_marie].

Thanks! Those clutches are SO cute.

Jorden and Kristin said...

My favorite part of the back to school season was new clothes shopping and school supply shopping! I loved doing both. I love a fresh planner too!

I just started following you as well! :)

RNJen said...

My favorite thing about back to school: FINALLY the weather is changing! AND ALL of the great shopping sales!! =)

I follow!!

Blogged about this, too!

Jacky said...

My favorite thing about back to school is all the new supplies. Pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, love them all!

+1 I'm a blog follower now!
+1 I blogged about it here:

Cassie said...

My favorite things about the back to school season are all the sales on supplies and especially new back to school clothes!! Plus, all of the beautiful fall weather, pumpkin patches, hay rides and all of the wonderful fall smells and colors!!

Lilly said...

My favorite thing is all the new friends that I am going to meet.
Thanks a lot for this great giveaway.

Allison said...

I love Gussy's stuff :) I want to win!!

And I'm a loyal follower, of course ;)

Ashley said...

My favorite thing is the new routine. I don't do well without routine and our summers are so routine-less.

dinkinflicka said...

My fav thing about going back to school is moving out of my parents house, and moving into a hall with all my friends!

I am also a follower! Cute blog!

Posted a link in my blog:

Magnolia said...

My favorite thing about the back to school season -- definitely the school supplies! I love going to Staples and stocking up. I just a baby pink binder that I love. I also love breaking out the cardigans after months of tee shirts. :)

Megs said...

My favorite thing about the back-to-school season: the crisp autumn air & the changing of leaves!

Megs said...

I just became a follower :)

Megs said...
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Megs said...

I'm now following you on twitter & tweeted about the giveaway :) @megannicolelane

J. said...

I like nothing about back to school because that means back to work for me :(
Well okay, maybe one thing.. back to school shopping sprees!

I am a subscriber, does that count?

Anonymous said...

Aaaahhhhhh my favorite thing about back to school-new pens, new notebooks, crisp, cool mornings and my smiling students faces, seeing how they have grown and matured over the summer! Less than a week to go! I am a follower, aren't I? I need to get "gussied up" for the new year!!

MOM xoxo

Amanda K said...

1. Buy new school supplies and clothes.
2. I'm a follower.

Amanda K said...

3. Following u on twitter @amandaksunshine

and I tweeted

Allison said...

So I just realized I didn't follow the rules :( oops. I forgot to mention my favorite back to school thing!!

Hands down: fresh crayons!

Heather said...

#1: I like the school supplies being on sale :)
#2: I'm following you :)
#3: I'm following you on Twitter :) (Crafteegirl)

Love Gussy!


Julie said...

School clothes shopping-my daughter and I make a day out of it.

Julie said...

I follow your blog

I am thinking about getting a mini-gus :)

Anonymous said...

OOh! found you from maggie whitley's etsy shop!
Nice blog!

i love giveaways!

My favorite thing about back to school- since I'm not in school, I graduated college 6 years ago.... is less people out and about on weekdays between rush hours. (i.e- shopping, grocery stores, traffic)
I am lucky to have weekdays off!

jepeuxetsy @ yahoo .com

Anonymous said...

jepeuxetsy @ yahoo .com

Jules said...

I recently discoverd Gussy's designs and I'm a big fan. All of her products are lovely and the clutch you took on your vacation is so cute.

1. My favorite this about back to school time is that is means fall is coming (my favorite season). I look forward to trips to our local orchard and football!
2. I'm a new follower.
3. I am now following you on Twitter and tweeted about this here:
4. I have also added this to the sidebar of my blog under the giveaways section here:

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Kelly said...

1. My favorite thing about back to school season is Fall and seeing the leaves turn colors. It is beautiful!

2. I'm a follower

Kelly said...

I'm following you on twitter @notesfromkelly
I tweeted