Sunday, July 19, 2009

Save some dollars.

Because thrify is the new black in this household.

Tip #1: We see a ton of movies in the theater. There used to be lots other things I'd have rather been doing with the copious amounts of dollars and calories usually spent at the movies, but since joining the AMC Movie Watcher Club, I don't feel bad at all indulging in my husband's favorite date venue. Enter the Club:

Basically, you go HERE and click join now. It asks you for some info and in a week you get a fancy card to carry around. All you do is show the card every time you buy movie tickets and it earns you points, which are redeemable for candy, popcorn, soda, and eventually free tickets. Of course, if you're seeing Friday or Saturday night shows, you're still paying out the ass for tickets. That's why we schedule our movie dates for Saturday or Sunday mornings. Any show at any AMC theater is only $6 a ticket! We also stop by CVS on the way to the theater and smuggle in our own (non $4 a box) candy, but I think that's illegal, so I don't condone it (yes I do; you're insane if you pay $6 for popcorn at the movies).

Tip #2: We try to keep going out for dinner to once every two weeks, and even then, it's not a huge to-do. I'd love to be dressing up and going to Ruth Chris for a steak, but it's just not in our cards. Truthfully, even Cheesecake Factory and PF Chang's is a stretch, so when we go out there, it's usually for something special.... and to help our dollars go a little bit further, I just signed up for a PF Chang Warrior Card.

Go HERE and click Sign Up to open an account. A card should come in the mail in 4-6 weeks, and it'll save you 10% of your bill every single time now through the end of 2009. How great is that?

Tip #3: Keep an eye on websites for coupons and codes. My favorites are and the Coupon board on The Nest. I try to never buy anything without a coupon and I'm usually pretty successful.

Tip #4: Get a second job at a clothing store you love. My employee discount is 40% off everything all the time. Even sale prices. As much as I want to kill myself while I'm there, I can't justify quitting. Ever.

OK, your turn. What are your favorite dollar saving strategies (Um, besides buying less stuff, because that's basically not an option in some cases. Like toilet paper. Need to buy it, or your butt'll itch.)??

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