Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Meet Frank.

Sorry for the extremely blurry pictures - it's almost impossible to get a good close-up of a blue lobster. Anyway, here's Frank, the 4inch blue lobster currently residing in our living room:

Why is there a blue lobster in my house? Because Ryan's been dying for a fish tank for almost a year now, and I kept telling him "no" because I didn't want to have to change the water or remember to feed them. Then I found out that my big conference was scheduled for the week of his birthday and I felt super bad about it.... so on my way home from the conference, I stopped at a pet shop, picked up Frank, and did the old "Close your eyes and put out you hand bit" with the belated birthday boy. He was ecstatic. Conviently, so was the dog:

She actually still loves to watch Frank walk around his tank (the picture above is from before we got plants to put in there; Frank's not wandering a pebble desert in there any more) and will put her nose close up to the tank and follow him with her eyes. It's pretty funny.

Another long day of work.... is it time to retire yet?

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Steph said...

I can't wait to see Frank next weekend!