Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Catching Up

As I've mentioned, I have a real job (Job #1) and a part-time job (Job #2). This week's schedule has been INSANE - work 9am till 10pm every day. As in Monday to Friday. As in I am dead tired and it's only Wednesday.

It's also really interfering with my weight loss plan (and dinner at home with my husband). I'm supposed to be going to the gym every morning, but that hasn't happened yet and I highly dought it's going to happen tomorrow or Friday (because I'd rather spend that half hour in the morning in a nice half asleep, half away state snuggled with my husband). I guess that whole thing has sort of taken a back seat to the rest of what's going on around here; #1 on the list is getting rid of our credit card debt (ok, and snuggling with my husband).

We have a lot of credit card debt (I liked expensive jeans in college) and we're really paying for it now. Thankfully, NONE of this debt is from our wedding (which was fabulous).... but I still want to kill myself all the same every month when my paycheck is deposited and goes right out the door to our various cards. But as of today, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I'll post our stats tomorrow, and I'm hoping you'll hold me accountable..... because we need it.

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