Sunday, May 3, 2009

Movie Review: Bride Wars

Ryan was away at a bachelor party (I'm hoping there's a point when boys stop throwing money at strippers and start realizing that if they saved those dollars, we'd be out of credit card debt) this weekend, so I took that opportunity to watch Bride Wars. It was iffy at most.

The acting was fine, Kate Hudson had amazing hair, and Anne Hathaway was a people pleaser per usual. What else do you need to know? Honestly, I was expecting a lot more (probably like you'll be expecting when you get done reading my crappy review). It's billed as a romantic comedy. It's semi-romantic and not-really-a-comedy. People, I am NOT hard to please... and I don't think I laughed once during the whole movie. The good parts were all in the movie trailers, and the rest of the movie fell sort of flat.

I paid $4.99 to rent in On Demand. Even that might be too much to pay to see it. At least I saved the $10 and 4000 calories (popcorn, duh) by waiting till it came out of the theaters.

My rating: Boo.


The Future Mrs. FF said...

I just watched this last night and was really disappointed. There were so many chances for this movie to be funny. I did like the ending with Anne's character. But I couldn't believe that they were taking it out on their best friend and not the wedding planner. I know if I was them I would have ganged up on her and made her fix it. That is what she paid for and it was her mistake. So I agree a boo.. I really hope women don't act like this about their weddings!

Kate said...

Mrs. FF - I fully agree! How did the wedding planner get out of this alive?! It would have been funny if the story was about them ganging up on the wedding planner. I just thought that each "prank" didn't get enough follow-up, and the friends were all jerks - Liv was clearly the bitchier of the two girls, so how does she end up with all the bridesmaids??

Amy said...

I loved it! :p

Molly said...

Watched this with my sisters and mom on Friday and it was just so-so. At least it was a fun girls night in!

Anonymous said...

Try -- rent movies at your local grocer, Walmart, etc for $1...check it out

Southern Aunt

~K~ said...

I actually loved it. I laughed a lot but maybe it's because I saw it when I was a bride to be with my one of my bridesmaids and everything related soooon much to my life. lol