Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'll need a savings account specifically for photos.

The Picture People at the mall by me were having a pet photo contest this week, and after seeing the Lola's adorable pictures (Marley's BFF, the bulldog), I figured I'd set up a session for Marley. Going into this, I was a little worried about how she'd be in the mall with all of the people walking around and I had no idea if she'd even sit still for the pictures. But I figured it would be an adventure and we'd get a free 8x10 out of it, so why not?

Well, we got to the mall and Marley stuck close to my side, navigating the Saturday afternoon crowd like a pro... like she'd done it a million times. She didn't stop to sniff any kids in strollers (her weakness) and didn't even look in the direction of anyone holding food. It was amazing/unreal. Maybe she goes to the mall while I'm at work.... I mean, this was really old news to her.

When we got into The Picture People, we waited for a minute, and were then lead to one of the backdrops. Then my version of how this would all go down started: Marley was way more interested in being by my side then sitting nice for the camera, and every time the camera flashed, she'd jump up to lick the photographer. She also managed to get her tongue in direct contact with the camera lens. I don't think she sat still for even a second. The photographer was really nice and said we got some good shots, but I knew Marley was too excited and so I really wasn't expecting much in the way of "good shots".

Well, when those pictures came out.... it was all over. For those of you with human children, prepare to have either very strong willpower or a credit card with a very high limit. Try to have ugly children, if possible; that way you won't even want their pictures. I'm telling you - you will spend a fortune on pictures of your children when you see the photos all nice and matted in beautiful frames. Seeing them on the screen is one thing; seeing them printed and matted and wall-ready is a completely different matter altogether.

Even though Marley was squirmy and jumpy, the photographer got about 8 different shots that I was IN LOVE with - I sat there with the lady trying to decide which ones I wanted for about 20 minutes. If I had even an ounce less willpower, I would have paid for all 8 sheets of prints. I managed to leave with a free 8x10, and 2 additional sheets of smaller prints, which ran me about $25. I can't imagine it will go well when I'm in there deciding on baby pictures.

I should have the proofs emailed to me in the next few hours, and I'll try to post them if the site will let me copy/save to my computer. Until then, I'll be looking into high yeild savings accounts. Screw the college funds: my kids are going to need a Photo Fund so I don't go broke when I take them for their infant photos. The only thing cuter than my dog is a set of little bitty baby toes...


And are you really telling me you wouldn't be willing to put out good money for a shot like this? Those toes are really only this little for a few months.... then they get big and gross and no one wants pictures of that. But these little toes? This is what I need a Photo Fund for....


Amy said...

I always spent a fortune on pics when my kids were little. It's hard!

Allison said...

ooo! can't wait to see pictures :) I have no doubt that I'd be the source of MUCH ridicule from my family if I took addie for portraits...but that doesn't mean I won't ever do it :) ha!

Anonymous said...

Gotta LOVE baby toes....they're the best!!!

Southern Aunt