Friday, May 15, 2009

6+ months later....

I'm finally working on my wedding album. I know. I suck. I honestly want this thing in my hands, but I just haven't had the time to sit down and look through the millions of digital pro pics we have from our wedding. Well, tonight is the night folks.

My album can have 80 pictures... in reality, I know more than that is just over kill and having just 80 will really make me comb through the pictures and just pick out the ones that really tell the story of our wedding day. But it is soooooo hard - I love them all!

I love looking at the pictures and seeing everyone so happy... I look really teary in probably half of them, and in the other half I'm laughing in someone's face. Love it.

On another note - how about Pam being pregnant (sorry if you didn't catch The Office yet)?
UPDATE: went through all the pro pics... was able to narrow it down to 190. Must narrow those down to just 80. Kill me.


~K~ said...

How many proofs do you guys have? We have our album that holds 60... I had to pick those out of 900. yeah, that wasn't easy.

Molly said...

Our Wedding album is sitting on the top shelf of the closet now. Guess I will pull it out to show my kids one day. Ha!
Just pick every other one and put the rest in another album!
I feel giddy for Pam and Jim like they are my good friends. Is that wierd?

Amy said...

Came across your blog recently- enjoying it! Had to comment b/c we just hit the 6 month mark and I, too, am struggling with the album. SO hard to narrow down all the pictures. I keep telling myself that I can just frame the others but have a feeling I won't have enough room in the house for all of those either...

Kate said...

@K - We can pick 80 pictures... I have discs with probably close to 2000 images. This is impossible!

@Molly - Sooo not weird. I am also quite excited for them, probably more that I should be :-)

@Amy - Glad you stopped by and thanks for leaving a comment! I have the same issue - I feel like 2 dozen wedding photos in any one house (on the wall) is probably too many, but I sooo cannot narrow down my choices. Shoot.