Sunday, May 17, 2009

Money Fairy -

Please drop off $2,3306.06 at my house in large bills (a personal check would be fine, as well) so that I can book an anniversary trip back to Secrets Capri for November. Oh, you need an invoice? No problem:

::Sigh:: Everyone's afraid of getting swine flu and I guess lots of Mexican resorts are feeling it, because I know I paid more than that for our honeymoon. To be fair, our honeymoon was a full week with an ocean-front room, and we flew Continental. The price above is for 5 days in a "tropical view" room and a flight out of BWI on US Airways. Whatev. I'll take it.

Not much else going on here. Ryan is at work for the day, so I spent the morning cleaning the house top to bottom and looking on CraigsList for a bookcase for the upstairs den so that I can turn it into a little office. Of course, the instant I have it set up the way I want it, we'll need to turn it into a nursery, cause thats just the way things go around here :-)

Dryer just stopped... time to do another load!


beka said...

Sigh. What I would give for another honeymoon... and we just got back from ours a few weeks ago!
Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Molly said...

I just asked the hubs if he wants to get married again...for the honeymoon. That was the most relaxing time. Ahhh.
Nursery, huh? Sounds exciting! Hehe. Go ahead and do the office thing for awhile. Even if you get pregnant right awawy, you still have some time before you would know the sex of the baby. :)

The Future Mrs. FF said...

This is the best part about getting married the honeymoon! I can't wait for ours. If I could already be married and going on my honeymoon tomorrow life would be perfect!