Friday, May 15, 2009

Payments out my eyeballs.

This morning, instead of going to work, I sat down with my calculator, a huge stack of bills, and got to work trying to figure out how much money we owe on "stuff" and how long it's going to take to pay off.

Well, folks, I got some dates. While these dates aren't exactly soon, they are within the relm of do-able and in-the-near-future, so I guess I won't kill myself just yet. I will, however, post them all here for you to see - dates only, people. You'd kill yourselves if you knew the actual balances on these.

Final Payment List
Capital One credit card: August 2009
Discover credit card: January 2010
Dad Loan: January 2010 (lets not even talk about the stupidity of this one)
KT CCCS: July 2010
Ryan CCCS: September 2010

The CCCS bills are Consumer Credit Counceling Services (of MD/DE). We consolidated our other credit cards into one payment each and have been paying on this since August 2006. Best decision ever. It will take us about 4 years to pay off an amount similar to what out of state students pay to go to Loyola College for 1 year.... but had we not put everything into CCCS, we'd be paying on these bills basically forever.... I think the estimate that the computer generated was something terrible like 15 years to pay off everything with the minimal payments. At any rate, we're looking at another 15 MONTHS to pay off all credit card debt forever.

Is it next September yet?

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Katie said...

at least you can afford the payments! I'm almost positive when we're married and my fiance is in grad school, that I"m going to have to apply for deference for my student they'll take up 7 years...yikes!