Thursday, April 9, 2009

Please could my bedroom look like this:

All pictures from Life in the Fun Lane.... check it out - her home renovation projects are unreal. The dark hardwood floors, the white bedding, the huge mirror... the chandelier!! I am dying to live in this bedroom.

But since it would really be awkward to ask her if my husband and I could move in with her family, I'm on a mission to recreate this look in my own bedroom. Still working on the headboard situation... honestly, I'll let you know when it happens.

PS - we went to the Yankees/O's game today. Yankees kicked so much ass - 11 to 2, baby! And, happy birthday, Diana!!!


Paisley and Posies said...

I'm an interior designer and could totally make your room look like that!! Love it!

Kate said...

Paisley - Isn't it the best??! It literaly screams "High-end LUXERY hotel". A room like this coudl very very good for my marriage.