Friday, April 10, 2009

I need this.

OK, need might be a little strong. But I seriously want it:


Allegedly these have been on the market since February 1... the Verizon Hub. Like a big cell phone with tons of cool apps for your kitchen. Or for your home office for the business you may or may not have. According to the commercial, it shows traffic, weather, sends and recieves texts, pictures, and videos, and operates as a phone. So yes, it's like a cell phone/landline hybrid - for $200. But then it's only $35 a month, which includes unlimited texts and pic/video messages.... I am sooooooo getting this for my home office (when I have one).


Jo said...

Oh that is fun! One more way to pay verizon MORE money. hehe - we already use them for our cell phones, land line, cable and internet! :) maybe we could get THAT plan for free ;-)

Kate said...

I know, I know.... I am easily amused by shiny objects :-)