Saturday, April 11, 2009

HealthFest 09: Week 2 Wrap-Up

The Week 2 Wrap-Up is coming to you a day early this week because we have some fancy Easter plans tomorrow with some friends and I didn't want to leaving you hanging if I didn't get around to posting after dinner tomorrow.

So here we are - the end of week 2 and I hit EVERY single one of my goals! I drink all my water (I choked down every last drop. It was gross) and though I will not be upping my intake next week. This week I spent about a quarter of my days peeing and I'm really not trying to up that. I brought my lunch every day this week - that sort of sucked, since sometimes I reeeeallly just need to get out of the office. The up side would be that I ate a Smart One and a yogurt every day. The down side would be that I ate a Smart One and a yogurt every day. All in all, I saved calories and money, so it wasn't a total loss.

My other 2 goals for the week were 30 minutes of exercise x 3, and cooking dinner in 4x - and I met both! As I said last time, I do normally cook dinner 5-6 times a week, but some nights it's super thrown together (as in whats in the cabinets is this still good and does it go with bread type of dinners), but this week I planned out the menu in advance, bought only what I needed, and wouldn't you know - we saved money and had real dinner. I found a great recipe that tastes like buffalo mac 'n cheese... it sounds kinda gross, but it was really good: Buffalo Chicken Pasta. I also made a really nice chicken pot pie, chicken and veggies, and jambalaya tonight. I'll be doing to buffalo pasta and chicken pot pie again - they were both great and made enough leftovers for either lunch or another dinner.

As for the exercise, it was like pulling teeth but it got done. Wednesday night Ryan and I played Wii Boxing for about 45 minutes... and played hard enough that I was (again) sore the next 2 days. I went to cardio kickboxing yesterday (55 minute class!) and took the dog for a 45 minute walk this afternoon. The weird (and yet not so surprising) part is that I'm actually looking forward to meeting my exercise goals next week. I love feeling sore and knowing that I did something good.... but I also love ice cream, so Monday morning's weigh in is still up for debate.

See you on Monday after the weigh in!

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