Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I need someone to tell me that I'm fat.

So last week I joined Weight Watchers. Today was my first weigh-in, and let me tell you... when I got on that scale, I saw visions of RedBull and vodka's from Saturday night's festivities. Being on that scale is the longest 30 seconds... but all of the points counting is so worth it when you look at your little book and see a minus sign next to a number.

My starting weight last week was 151.6. My weigh in today was a hot 148.0! Down 3.6 in a week..... and before you burst my bubble, I know its freakin' water weight. I know this. Just let me enjoy the fact that it was a loss, ok? And let me enjoy the leftover Cadbury eggs I have, too.

FYI - Cadbury Eggs = 4 points each, which is sooooo much less than I was expecting. So I'm eating the 2 I have left (you know, so they're gone), using some of my flex points, and carrying on with my week.

Anyone else doing WW? Any good recipes to be had?

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Abbie said...

Yay for you! Hungry-girl has great recipes. This site is good, too.