Thursday, September 1, 2011

Giveaway and a Party!

I can't believe it's already September! I feel like the summer always goes by way to fast but mornings like this - crisp and clear - make me excited for the fall. I love sweatshirts & jeans & a new tube of mascara.

Yep, new mascara. Not pens and notebooks. Mascara. It's my favorite back to school thing! Some girls like new shoes... I just like new mascara. I mean, I buy new mascara when I need it, but there's something about starting off the year with a fresh tube of mascara that makes me reaaaaally happy. I also like a new tube for the holiday season, but that's still weeeeeeks away (even though stores seem to think otherwise?) so we won't go there.

My go-to brand is usually Covergirl, and I LOVE DiorShow for special occasions (like my wedding/honeymoon only because wow is it expensive), but I have a brand new favorite that I am so excited to show you!

Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara

I don't normally wear a ton of makeup, so big & thick lashes are a must. Well, that and really good under eye coverup. But mainly big lashes because I feel like they make me look instantly put together and wide-eyed, even if I really just need another coffee (or 3). Behold, my super naked (and tired) face:

Most mornings I pull my wet hair back in a braid, slap on coverup, and swipe on a few coats of mascara before going to work. Yikes, right? I know, that's why I'll try any mascara that crosses my path - I'm always on the look out for the perfect tube. The Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara claims that it's super volumizing and is flake & clump resistant. The first thing I noticed when I pulled the wand from the tube was there it was fully clump free. The box says that it has "smart wiper technology" which I think is just a fancy way of saying that the tube wipes the brush on the way out. Either way, it works. I didn't have to drag the brush across the top of the tube to get off the extra before trying to get it on my lashes, which was really nice. And I wore it for 12+ hours a day the past few days and it sure is smudge resistant - even with a baby trying to grab my glasses off my face, which is nice because the raccoon look is so not in these days.

I didn't think that it made my lashes super voluminous, but it did make them more defined & waaaaaaay longer! They are super glossy, super black, and super long. Wanna see my lashes?

Try to focus on the extra long lashes and not the eyebrows that are about 10 months overdue for a waxing. And thats all I have on - no eyeliner, no shadow - just mascara. Yey!

So now what? Well, now I have 5 tubes of Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara for 5 lucky readers! To enter for a chance to win:
  • Leave me a comment below telling me about your favorite mascara or favorite back to school item
  • Tweet about this giveaway & post the link to the tweet below (copy me in the tweet @hagen23)
  • Blog about this giveaway and & post the link to your post below
For each entry, make sure you leave a separate comment and if your blog doesn't have your email address, be sure to leave that in your comments as well. Entries will close on Thursday, September 8 and the winners will be announced on Friday, September 9!

Can't wait to see if you won & want to try out the Ultimate Mascara now? Or have a MK favorite and need to stock up? Stay tuned - I'm hosting an online Mary Kay party for the entire month of September and every order is eligible for a discount - no minimum needed! I'll post the details tomorrow :-)

Happy Thursday!

*I was provided a new mascara (plus 5 to giveaway) by my Mary Kay rep in exchange for my honest review. These words are my own!


Samantha said...

Oooh! Love it! I don't really have a go-to mascara yet- every time I run out I just get whatever is cheapest the next time I am at Target :( I would love to try the Ultimate mascara!

(Also, I think in your post you meant that the entries will be closed on September 8 and winners announced Sept 9?)

Nicole said...

I usually go CoverGirl, but I'm looking to upgrade :)

Nicole said...

Also, I tweeted :)

Courtney said...

My fav mascara is Loreal Voluminous! :)

Ginger said...

I use Loreal Voluminous and like it OK, but this sounds better!

You look great with and without it :)

Justine said...

Oh man!! I love mascara!!! Most times it's the only makeup I wear! :) Currently I have using a volumizing something in a yellow tube. I can't remember who made it or where I got it.... Oops. :) And I usually use mascara until it's dry and nasty. I'm gross and cheap like that, so I could totally go for some new stuff!! :)

Nikki said...

I don't have a go to mascara... they always seem too runny, or too clumpy, or don't seem like they last past lunch. Some ones that I have been using and seem to like are Bad Gal Lash by Benefit, Too Faced Lash Injection, or for special occasions, Bobbi Brown Extreme Party :)

Chelsey @ 4th and Folded said...

My make-up 'routine' is just like yours and I've tried a LOT of mascara. YSL makes some good ones that smell amazing, but they are spendy like Dior.

Bre said...

I'm a MAC "Zoom" lash girl, although with my long lashes it can be smudgy. I've found nothing else that will seperate my lashes like it does. :-)

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

I use a MAC mascara that I got as gift on my wedding day from my makeup artist... and I love it because it's a real deep black. :)

LatteLove said...

i don't have a favorite mascara because I'm still looking for one..I try a different kind every time!

Claire said...

Favorite mascara is Loreal Lash Out, but it's really hard to find. I think it was discontinued.

Claire said...

And I tweeted :-)

Anonymous said...

Favorite mascara cover girl lashblast

Ladytink_534 said...

I love Cover Girl's LashBlast volume mascara


Ladytink_534 said...



Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Is this over yet?! B/c I LOVE mary kay and heck yes I'd take free mascara :)