Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weight Watchers, Reconsidered

There are lots of times that I have said to myself "I can do this for 10 minutes. I can do anything for 10 minutes". And more often than not, it is true that anyone can literally do anything for 10 minutes: sit through a terrible work meeting, listen to someone berate you on the phone, sort through millions of pictures to find the one you need, walk your dog in the blazing heat, get through a class, pack up moving boxes, listen to voicemails....

Except WW doesn't really work like that. It's kind of an all the time thing. And I still like to eat. I enjoy it. And I still kind of don't care when i feel really full, because I secretly love laying on the couch like "ohhh that was so good" (in regards to whatever it was for dinner).

So in however many weeks I've been doing WW (just 2 more to go until Lifetime!), I sort of expected to have this major revelation and just stop eating. And enjoy vegetables more than I enjoy bread with butter. And not feel like I have to have a lot of hot dogs whenever hot dogs are being made.

You can imagine how disappointed I am because sadly, it is not that way. Tomatoes do not suddenly taste like movie popcorn. I would still rather eat a Chipotle burrito than a garden salad with grilled chicken.

This is hard.


I really have to think about what I'm eating, and when I don't, the scale creeps up a little bit. I think (hope) that I'm still within 2 pounds of my goal weight, but I'm not 100% sure. My home scale is a bit wonky, and because I don't have to go to WW meetings weekly, I don't. Clearly that is the first problem. I really need to go to meetings, even if WW says I don't have to. The second problem is that I'm not in a place where I can stop tracking. I need to do that too. I am pretty good about it, but I do need to be better. I know that.

Basically, I need to stop hoping that I'm going to make Lifetime in the next 2 weeks and just make a concentrated effort. Duh. It's that simple.

(except I really like to eat....)

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