Thursday, June 9, 2011

Living Social Movie Deal

Another link to save some dollars! Right now Living Social (similar to Groupon) has a deal up for a voucher for two movie tickets for a total of $9.... how amazing is that?! Movie tickets by us are usually $10 each, so 2 for $9 is amazing.

It's one voucher per person and expires September 9, 2011. It has to be used on (you can't take it to the movie theater), and each ticket price can't exceed $15. I don't think there are any other restrictions! I'm buying one under my card and one under Ryan's... he loves going to the movies, so I was pretty thrilled to see this one. Here's a link in case you want to get in on all the movie fun!

Note: The links above are referral links and if 3 people click and buy from those links, my movie tickets are free. If you're going to buy.... please use my link? Pretty please???

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