Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Food Update

Someone is going to be 7 months old tomorrow.....

We started solids about 10 days before Baby Bink turned 6 months old. She's got a solid month of real food under her belt (ha, she doesn't even wear belts) so I figured I'd make a note of it. It's pretty exciting stuff around here, ya know? With all of the new textures and tastes and omg I have a little person who eats real food. Crazy. So far I've made all of Binka's* food, except for prunes (which she desperately needed....) and grains. Here's what she's tried so far, in order:

  • Sweet Potatoes - love at third bite :-)
  • Green Beans - a hard sell... she ate it all but I don't think she enjoyed it
  • Organic Oatmeal - Gerber from a box, mixed with formula. I think she was pretty neutral on this one.
  • Prunes - LOVED them
  • Pears - Sweet and delicious. Love.
  • Apples - Couldn't get enough... till they made her butt red and then we laid off the apples for a few days.
  • Squash - Hatred to the point where she'd open her mouth for the spoon but would have tears streaming down her face. It was terrible. I think I gave her squash 4 or 5 times with the same effect (only a few spoonfuls each time, just to see if her reaction would change), then today I gave her some and she ate the whole cup without resistance.
  • Carrots - Yucky face at first, but warmed up pretty quickly
  • Avocado - the wild card.... she LOVED it! She ate half an avocado for dinner last night!! She did the whole mouth open, leaning forward, baby bird thing. It was awesome!
  • Organic Brown Rice - Gerber from a box. Blah, I think, but I mixed it with the avocado and she was quite a piggy about it.
Binka's eating schedule generally goes like this:

Wake up between 6-6:30am and have a 5 oz bottle in bed with us.

She has fruit & oatmeal when she gets to school, and then 3 bottles throughout the day (7 oz each).

When we get home, I give her either 2 veggies or a veggie and brown rice. If she still is antsy, I give her a few ounces of a bottle. Then it's a bit of play time, a bath & lotion, and a 5 oz bottle before bed. We usually feed her down here, let her fall asleep on us, and then bring her up to her crib.


All of that food? Lovingly made by me in my Beaba Babycook. Oh man, I love my Beaba. Honestly? It's a $150 steamer/food processor, and yes, you can do the same exact thing with 2 pieces of equipment for much cheaper. But you know what? It's so easy to use, makes the perfect portions (who needs a freezer full of homemade pearsauce?), and wouldn't you know, it's easy to clean, too. I have never been so happy to get an appliance for Christmas in my whole life - Ryan did good this year :-)

Here's the full run down - chop up fruit/veggies, place in steamer basket, put steamer basket into bowl attachment. Add water to the water tank. Close the lid and turn it on. It's self-timed and will go off when it's done steaming. Drain water, dump basket into bowl attachment. Pulse to desired consistency. That's all. And it makes the perfect amount of puree to fill an ice cube tray. It's my Working Mamma Partner-in-Crime. I can have a weeks worth of sweet potatoes ready to go in less than 20 minutes AND I only have to clean a basket, a bowl, and the blade. Well, and a knife if you want to be technical. A final thought: Worth every penny.


A food update of my own... I'm .8 lbs away from my WW goal weight, with weigh in on Friday morning. Wish me luck!!!


*We call our girl Binka Bink. Why? No clue. Sometimes I sing "Biiiiiiinkaaaaa Binka Binka, and Jelly" to her. you know, to the tune of "peeeeeeeaanutttt, peanut butter and jelly". Anyway, that's what I'm going with on the blog now. Just as an FYI :-)

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