Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday morning

Work would be more tolerable if this Baby Bear could come with me every day:
Oh hai! Can I take a message?

Things I should be doing this morning:
  • Washing & sanitizing bottle and pump parts.
  • Unloading the dish washer.
  • At least one load of laundry.
  • Taking the baby & dog for a walk.
  • Dusting the tv so we can watch it without a fine layer of dead skin cells obstructing our view.

Things I actually did this morning:

  • Slept in with Baby Bear & dog... snuggling in the morning is my absolute favote part of the day. Daddy had to miss out this morning because he had work early.
  • Made coffee while Baby Bear played with her bouncy seat friends.
  • Supervised Tummy Time, practiced sitting and rolling, and watched Baby Bear admire herself in the play mat mirror.

Things I am currently doing:

  • Watching Baby Bear sleep in my arm.
  • Typing this post one handed.
  • Continuing researching cloth diapers because they are equal parts thrilling and frightening.
  • Thanking God that our workplaces are flexible and allow us to work alternate schedules so that once a week, I can spend the morning with Baby Bear and pretend for those few hours that work just doesn't exist.


Southern Aunt said...

O...M...G!!!!! Can't wait to give that little bear a great BIG bear hug in a few weeks!!!!

Dana said...

That picture is too cute! Yup...i would enjoy work so much better if little man could come with me:)