Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It's totally time to pack the hospital bags.

We were instructed to pack two bags - one for labor and one for recovery. Makes sense cause I don't want Ryan digging around in my clothes bag to find a tennis ball or chapstick. But I really have no idea what I need to pack.

Here's what I have so far for my recovery bag:

What else do I need? Did anyone really just wear the hospital gown the whole time? Should I get one of these? Heeeeeeeeelp meeeee.

And in my labor/delivery bag? Um... tennis ball, camera, and Flip Video? What else do I need? Experienced moms - what did you bring?


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Wow...times have changed. I didn't pack much of anything. I did wear hospital gowns, it was easier since they were constantly checking "down there"! Labor stuff included sour suckers that they recommended and that I didn't use and a picture that was supposed to be a focal point that I didn't use either! As for other stuff, an outfit to go home in and make-up etc.

Katie said...

Bag packing already?! Where has time gone? I'm doing mine next weekend when my mom comes to visit :) Well, girl, I am an over-packer, to say the least. I'll share with you my list that I've accumulated from friends. So, someone at sometime utilized something on the list. Of course everyone is different and I hear from a lot of people their bag went right out the door, but I like to be prepared LOL So I hope it helps you out in any way...

Labor & Delivery: ID/insurance card, birth plan, sour lollipops, mints (for hubs and you after), pillow from home with not-so-great case, snacks for hubs, camera/video/charger, laptop/charger (for pandora), cell charger pregnancy journal, (emergency) contacts, ipod/speakers, books/mags, blanket from home, hair ties, lotion, chap stick, socks (few pairs), focal points, etc.

Recovery: boppy, baby book (for baby's vitals and footprints), depends, going home outfit (for mom), toiletries, nipple cream, breast pads, slippers, large t-shirt/yoga pants, towel/wash cloth, nursing bras/tanks, snacks, underwear, pads, cheap flip flops for shower

Baby: receiving blankets, hat, diapers/wipes (hospital has, but if you don't like what they have), car seat, going home outfit, extra outfits/onesies, sleepers, mittens, socks, jacket (if it's cold), nail filer

Like I said, it was long, and I'm sure there's going to be plenty you (and I) don't end up using. But you never know! lol

Elizabeth said...

Though I'm a little scared to ask, why do you need a tennis ball?

Grace Matthews said...

tennis ball? Okay well I had c-section so yes I just wore the ugly hospital gown, because I couldn't get out of bed anyway. I like the nighty at Old Navy so I wold go with something like that. I didn't pack much of anything...just a set of clothes for me and the outfit he baby would come home in.

Laura said...

I've been packing my bags too! I'm just about a week ahead of you I think. I didn't realize our due dates were so close!

Things I'd add to that list that the hospital I go to recommend are washcloths, boppy pillow (or whatever breastfeeding pillow you may have), insurance card/ID, cell phone and charger, music you may want and headphones (I just have it on my phone and I'm bringing some headphones), slippers, and a baby book so they can put the footprints in there! :)

Good luck!!