Tuesday, October 5, 2010

35 Week Update

Hi, Baby Girl! Here's my 35 week belly:
I can't believe it's that big. I also can't believe we officially have 4 weeks and 3 days to go.... but I really think we're looking at an early delivery. I can just feel it.
In other news, I'm on bed rest for today and tomorrow. I had some pretty bad ankle swelling over the weekend (grapefruit size ankles = so not attractive) and my mom made me call the midwife emergency line. My midwife wanted me to go in yesterday, and she was also fairly concerned about the swelling (and the heinous weight gain and high blood pressure reading I had at the office) and sent me for a blood workup and full urinalysis.... and then said to lay on the couch with my feet up all day Tuesday and Wednesday. Yikes. I go back on Wednesday morning for the test results and to see what the game plan is for the next few weeks.
A few short weeks ago, I felt like we had nothing done and I was so.worried she'd be here early. But as of last night, the nursery is all set, clothes are washed, the car seat is put together (still needs to go in the car and get inspected though)... I can't help but giggle every time I think that she could be here in the next few weeks. Of course I don't want her to come before she's ready.... but I really, really can't wait to see her beautiful little face.


jv726 said...

I just have to ask...where did you get those jeans? They are super cute and I will need some maternity jeans soon!
I hope your tests come back ok and you don't have to be on bed rest for longer...or anything else. Good luck tomorrow at the doc!

Elizabeth said...

Good luck at the doctor Katie. And I think your 35 week belly looks amazing! I'm thinking of you :)

Steph said...

I think the attachable pillow in Motherhood needs to be made more accurate so people know how big a belly is realllyyy going to get :)