Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nursey: Coming together!

On Friday night we stopped at the Ikea in Elizabeth, NJ for the Hemnes dresser (which is totally badass), $50 off coupon in hand. While we were in line I realized that the coupon (purchased on eBay, valid only in NJ) didn't have a barcode. Or anything that would tell me it was a valid coupon, other than it saying $50 off your purchase of $250 or more. Ryan was positive I was going to make an ass of myself in the checkout line, but the cashier took it, rang in the -$50 manually, and we went on our merry way with our $249 (plus tax) dresser. It was awesome.

Then we realized that the boxes for the dresser were too long to fit in our car without some major manuvering. We ended up having to fold down the front passenger seat and pushing the box as far as it would go. We have the split seats int he back, meaning that you can either fold down one seat (behind the driver) or the middle & right seat together. So for the three hour car ride home on Sunday, I sat in the back seat. It was so awkward.

Then at the Knowing Party, my mom bought us our crib! Thank you, mom!! It was actually delivered yesterday, but we weren't home so now they're trying again today.... so I'm taking a gamble and going in to work late to see if it maybe comes this morning. It's awesome because my sister and her fiance are coming down this weekend and we're going to do some major work in there. I would love to add 'put together furniture' to the To Do List.

Everything for the nursery is coming together - we've got the dresser, crib, and rocker - and we even picked out bedding! I ordered it the day we found out we were having a girl, and I did exactly what I always said I wouldn't do..... I ordered pink. It's a pink explosion. And it's adorable:

We ordered the crib skirt and the quilt from Land of Nod. The pattern is called Womb with a View, which is kind of silly but I love the pink and green color combo. And the pink gingham. It's so girly.

Projects for this weekend include finding fabric for my book slings, browsing through Lowe's paint samples for the wall color, removing the futon and bookcase from the nursery, steam cleaning all of the carpets, and moving in the furniture! Can't wait to see my sister + brother (in-law)... we have lots to do!


Mrs. Hesson said...

Just found your blog through Heather (Live Laugh Love) and I loooove it! I can't wait to follow along on your journey. :)

Tatiana said...

I love your crib bedding! SO very cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the's adorable...good luck with your projects this weekend!!

Your Southern Aunt & Uncle