Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Knowing Party

I always said I'd never find out before birth if it was a boy or a girl... until I got pregnant. And then I wanted to know immediately. We knew in our gut from the begining that it was a girl, and it was just amazing to have the sonogram tech confirm it out loud (and with technology)!

Once we decided on finding out the gender, I knew I had to do something fun to share the news because it's the first grandchild on both sides and everyone is super excited about this baby! Plus, we live 3 hours away from our families, so it wasn't like we were going to just pop by my mom's house to let her know. It had to be special.

Like a ton of other expectant mothers, I decided on the "reveal cake" - where the actual cake is colored pink or blue, depending on the gender of said child. We served said cake at the Knowing Party on Saturday night to some very excited family members and got great pictures.

The cake.....
We gave each of our moms a knife and had them cut into the cake together. That's my mom on the left and my mother-in-law on the right:

They were thrilled... could you tell?? Here's what all the excitement was about - look at that pink cake!
And then we got presents!!!!! I was completely NOT expecting any gifts but my mom and sister both came with pink bags of baby girl goodies. They were pretty sneaky - they bought boy and girl things and just planned to return whatever they didn't need (in our case, the boy stuff!). We got lots of little pink onesies, an adorable pink penguin warm-up suit, a Beatles lullaby album, and this sweet little elephant blankie:

It was amazing! We also got a super cute baby album and a HUGE hardcover Dr. Seuss book with almost every single Dr. Seuss story inside from my in-laws. This baby is already so loved!

And now that everyone knows.... it's so fun to throw in "she" every single time I can. I love it. I love every single minute of this pregnancy and I cannot wait to meet this little girl (in 20 weeks, lady! Stay in there for 20 more weeks!!).


Allison said...

I love the cake idea :)

Congrats on your sweet baby GIRL!

Kaitlin said...

That cake idea is so cute! Congratulations, that is so exciting!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I thought the flowers were to be pink not the cake...very, very unique idea! You are quite the planner and we love ya :-)

Your Southern Aunt & Uncle

AP Mommy said...

Ok I LOVE the cake idea! I've never heard of that before - how fun. :) I LOVE your mom's reaction - that's so great. hehe.

Yay for little girls. I'm 10 weeks today and I asked if the tech could tell AT ALL... hehe I'm impatient. :) We REALLLLY want a little girl and I FEEL like this one IS a girl... so we'll see. :)

Congrats on your little girl!

Alicia said...

We did the same exact thing! Except I was so excited getting the party ready and all I forgot to take a before picture of the cake, silly me. Love the expressions on their faces, priceless. :)

Cousin Kim said...

WOOHOOO! Congratulations again!
This is the first time I ever heard of (or saw) a "cake revealing". Very cool! Can't wait until SHE arrives! I'm sure she'll be the most adorable baby ever! Hope to see you soon to give you a big hug around that big belly! :)

Steph said...
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Steph said...

I like the pic of you and Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics, I can't wait to meet our granddaughter.

Love me again from NJ